During our month long stay in Abu Dhabi visiting Chris, we stayed with some new friends Chris had met in church, the Florentin’s. They were so super sweet to invite us into their fabulous home since Chris just had 2 bedrooms and a living room in his apartment to fit 3 adults and 5 kids.  We had so much fun with the Florentin’s.  I didn’t get enough pics taken around the house while we were there but I did get a few…

Giving in to jet lag in the living room


Dallin (14) changed his first diaper, and put Zachary in his pajamas…



Collette loved snuggling Zachary…


Movie night…


Kelli Jo, Zoey, and Ava playing in their pool


Right in their backyard is a canal with a great sidewalk area.  Grandma Zollinger took Beckham on a lot of walks along it.  I only got a bad picture in the evening..


It was an awesome month and am so happy to have met and become great friends with such a great family.  I feel so blessed to be part of their ‘family’ now.  Thanks so much Florentin’s!  We will miss you.