Since we have been home from our trip to Abu Dhabi a lot has happened, but I have been extra busy and have not even thought about blogging.  oops.  So here is a quick update to what has been going on in our world….

We got over jet lag.. IMG_2288 IMG_2290

I started full time school at the Utah College of Massage Therapy..IMG_2326

and am loving it.

Ava turned 4!!!IMG_2360 IMG_2375

We had some huge snow storms… IMG_2343 IMG_2347

Kelli Jo dislocated her pinky finger…IMG_2353

and got braces…


Zachary continues to be a good baby.  He started eating solids..IMG_2463

He falls asleep while playing on the floor sometimes…IMG_2384

He turned 5 months old and is such a happy, cute, little guy.  He is in the 97% for legnth like all my other babies have been, but he’s more slender like the girls were (about 2.5 lbs lighter than Beckham was at this age).  IMG_2429

The girls helped make their own Valentine’s boxes.  First time ever…IMG_2544

and sent this pic to Chris for Valentine’s Day…photoblur