Emirates Palace is said to be a 7 star hotel.  It cost billions to build and from end to end is 1.3 kilometers (or not quite a mile) along a white sandy beach.  It’s insanely nice.  Inside there is an ATM machine that you can put your credit card into, and instead of getting cash, you get tiny little gold bars or gold watches, depending of course what your choice and how much $ you feel like depositing.  At Christmas time they have a huge tree that is filled with treasures and amounts to 11 million bucks!  We visited one day and the tree wasn’t up.  We were told it would be up 2 days later.  We went back 4 days later and they were decorating the tree, so we didn’t see the finished product (we didn’t feel the need to go back a 3rd time).  We took a few pics, but didn’t spend too much time there.  I felt a bit out of my element in such a posh place with my 5 little rug rats.

Outside, by some fountains looking opposite the palace at the city


The main portion of the Palace


Inside the lobby area


In front of the palace