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Chris is playing in Abu Dhabi this season.  It’s just a quick hour trip to Dubai… our stomping grounds a few years ago.  Since Kelli Jo and Zoey were old enough to remember some things from when we lived in Dubai they had some requests of things to do while we are here.  One of my favorite things to do while living in Dubai was to walk around the Dubai Mall and watch the Dubai Mall Fountain Shows.  My girls loved it as much as I did.  That was one of the things requested.  I think I was as excited as they were to enjoy that again.

Waiting patiently for the show to begin..


It was worth the wait.. No pictures will do it justice.  For me, it really is like instant meditation.  It gives me a very zen feeling straight away.  I think that’s why I watched it so much while living in Dubai.  It will forever be one of my favorite things.  The combination of music and water is so soothing.


All 7 of us in front of the world’s tallest tower.  The Burj Khalifa


There is so much to do at the Dubai Mall.  We did a couple of the favorites.  Rode some rides at the Sonic Republic and watched the fish swim in the Dubai Aquarium.


When we were finished at the mall we skirted on over to Global Village.  I got a few items from the Turkey portion of the village and the girls went on a couple rides.

One of the entrances…


Inside Global Village.  Every time I have been there, it’s filled with people.  Each of the different buildings is a different country and sales things from “home”.


Wild Mouse ride..



Ava isn’t a fan of scary things, so she opted for the little swings…


This time I remembered to take a picture of the best baby I have ever had.  My sweet little Zachary who happily hung out in the stroller all day….


And once again, it wouldn’t be a normal day out and about without Chris getting some photo ops with random people….


We could have done a lot more, but with all the littles in tow it was a pretty successful day out.  I heart Dubai.