Our first tourist spot here in Abu Dhabi was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  It’s known as the Grand Mosque to the locals and is one of those sites that you can’t help but just stare at in awe every time you see it.  It’s beautiful.


Inside, the women and older girls had to wear abayas (the black covers with hoods or scarves).DSC_0252



The chandeliers are huge and all have gold and Swarovski crystals in them.DSC_0241

The lighting is so awesome, my pictures don’t do it justice.DSC_0270



I’m going to try to make it back during the day to get some more pictures.  We are loving Abu Dhabi and being together as a family.

P.S……As amazing as this incredible site is, just like most places we go, we can’t get away without people asking to get their picture taken with Chris.DSC_0256