Wondering why I have been MIA lately?  Irish twins!  I was told having Irish twins was harder than actual twins in a lot of ways.  I concur (even though I haven’t experienced both).  Doing it on my own has added just one more (major) element to the challenge (however never having any time to sit and relax between the 2 boys has been a great weight loss program).  I’m surviving with the help of a couple great friends and my mom.  I love them and don’t know what I would do without them.  So just to sum up the last month and a half….

Kelli Jo and Zoey play Jr. Jazz basketball together (no pics yet)

Chris left to Abu Dhabi. Some tears were shed.

The girls wore crazy socks to school

Beckham got a bad cold (so did I)

We carved pumpkins

The kids spent their first Halloween in the states and wore their costumes to school

… and their first ever trick or treating

Zachary turned 2 months old

Beckham continues to be difficult

It snowed

We grocery shop

The girls love holding Zachary

Beckham terrorizes his sisters every chance he gets

The kids spent their first Thanksgiving with family in the states and Grandpa Zollinger taught them where popcorn comes from

We go day by day, sometimes hour by hour, and sometimes even minute by minute.  I know I’ll look back at these days and be able to laugh (can’t wait for that) but for now, we are surviving and doing our best.

We all miss Chris while he is away.  We leave in one week to go spend a month with him and besides the dreaded flights, can’t wait!!!