Picture day is not my favorite.  I want my kids to look as cute as possible and for everyone to be happy and to cooperate.  The more I stress and am worked up, the more it negatively affects the kids.  I love having professional pictures of my kids, so it’s worth the craziness that usually accompanies getting them taken.  The more kids, the harder it is to get them all looking their best at once.  I wasn’t expecting perfection this time around… actually anything that caught Beckham holding still and actually maybe even smiling would be a success.  We ended up with some cute ones.  I was so thankful that Chris was there with me because our kids think everything he does or says is hilarious, therefore he got some really cute natural smiles out of them by being silly behind the camera.

All Five

Sweet Kelli Jo (8)

Spunky Zoey (6) (Zoey wasn’t quite as spunky as usual in this shoot because her arm was broken.  She had not gotten the hard cast yet and still had the splint on, so we cheated for a few minutes and took it off for pictures.  She was very protective and quite stiff because of it)

Pretty Little Ava (3)

Handsome Beckham (1)

Precious Zachary (8 days)

Honestly, I never thought I would have 5 kids!  It’s still kind of crazy to me that I do.  But I love these kids more than anything and feel so lucky to have them in my life.  I love being their mom and Thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with these beautiful little souls each and every day!