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About a month and a half ago Chris took us all to the Utah Bookstore in search of a little Utah basketball jersey for Beckham.  He was frustrated to find nothing.  It was shocking the selection they didn’t have.  I assume they might have one during basketball season.  I would hope at least.  For the time being however, we went home empty handed and a little bummed out.  Our search in other stores was also without success.

Chris and I dated while he was playing basketball at the U and we lived about a block away from each other.  His oldest brother Ben lived right near us with his wife Cooper, and their little girl who was 1.  They had purchased a Utah basketball jersey with Chris’s number 34 on it that was being sold in the bookstore at that time.  They now have 5 kids, and each of them had their turn wearing it.  Since their youngest is now 3, the size 2T jersey has run it’s course for them.

A month ago, when we met up in California for Chris’s little brother’s wedding, Ben & Cooper presented Chris with a little gift.  The size 2T Utah basketball jersey.  Chris could not have been more excited.  It was perfect timing.  It just fits Beckham.  It makes it a lot more special and fun than a random Utah jersey would have been, because it has Chris’s number 34 on it and was being sold because of him.  Thanks Ben and Cooper for the perfect gift!