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Today is Chris and I’s 10 year wedding Anniversary!

This was us 10 years ago….

This is us today (or rather, a couple weeks ago)….

A lot has changed in 10 years.  One thing I know for sure?  I absolutely love my husband.  We dated a few years before we were married so we knew each other very well before marriage.  However, we started this whole traveling the world lifestyle immediately after being married.  This really threw us in the fire when it came to our relationship.  There was no escape.  We didn’t have family or friends, or even familiar places to run to when we found ourselves in a disagreement.  We figured out very quickly how to work through them.  We had each other to lean on and that was it.  We needed each other, so we grew closer together.  Back then we barely used e-mail (in a smoke filled internet cafe) and used a calling card once a week to speak with family.  It wasn’t like today where there are so many options for communication all those miles away.  I honestly think that we grew as a couple in the first couple years of our marriage what it might take others much longer to do because we only had each other.  It was even more important when we started having children and skirted them around the world as well.  As a new mom I didn’t have the support of friends or family.  I had my husband.

These last 10 years have been so wonderful, challenging, adventurous, tough, crazy, amazing, and so many other words.  I can’t believe we are about to have our 5th child.  I can’t believe how much I love my sarcastic, funny, understanding (most of the time), handsome husband and that he still loves me. 🙂  I can however believe that we happen to be 6,000 miles away from each other on this special day… because that’s our life… and as challenging as that can be sometimes, I love it too.

I’m so happy that I chose to marry my best friend and happier still that he chose to marry me 10 years ago today.  I love you Chris and miss you and can’t wait to join you once again all the way across the world.  Happy Anniversary!!!