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We traveled to California for Chris’s youngest brother, Dave’s wedding.  We got in a few days early so decided to spend one of the days doing something fun for the kids.  We decided on Knott’s Berry Farm.  Chris’s oldest brother Ben and his wife Cooper joined us as well Chris’s mom Sandi.  Later in the day Chris’s other brother Josh and his family along with his mother and father in law met up with us.  It was a fun day for all involved. 

At the entrance, the girls met some of the Peanuts gang

Grandma Burgess hanging out with Beckham

Zoey wanted her face painted so badly.  Chris promised her and Kelli Jo they could have it done if they joined him on the Extreme Scream.  Kelli Jo only needed a bit of prodding.  Zoey was so terrified and did not want to go.  You could visually see her weighing the options before she ran off to go get in line with Chris and Kelli Jo.  She really wanted her face painted.

Before the ride up

Way up there… about to be dropped

All finished.. in their words “so scary, but so fun” 

and the reward…

Beckham was able to go on the Log ride. That’s him in Chris’s lap in the front

Ben and Cooper after going on the Xcelerator

Poor Ava was sick and had a fever and spent the majority of the day like this.  Poor girl was really a trooper.

I’m not going to lie, it was a hard day for me.  I LOVE these type of rides and being 6 weeks from my due date,  I wasn’t even allowed to go on the log ride that Beckham was allowed on.  I did a lot of watching kids and purses and taking pics.  However, It was still a great day with family.