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Some quick facts:

  • The Korean Basketball league has their own draft each summer.
  • It takes place in Las Vegas.
  • They have a 2 day try out period.
  • You have to be invited to participate in the try-out and draft.  Actually there were  250 invites.
  • There are 10 teams.
  • Each team can carry 2 Americans.
  • During games, only 1 American is allowed to play on the court at a time, therefore, they basically sub for each other.  Because of this, you can deduce that both of those Americans would be big guys since that’s what they are lacking in S. Korea.

The 2 day try out is actually just a bunch of games.  The players are divided into teams and play 2 games per day each consisting of 2, 10 minute halves.  Each team is provided with a Korean point guard who is in the league.  You can imagine the chaos with a point guard and 4 big guys running around all wanting to do the same thing.  Luckily since Chris has already played in the KBL (Korean Basketball League) he had a bit of an edge because they already knew what type of player he is and what he is capable of.  Also, he is more mature and smarter than most the guys and was able to showcase himself very well.

The KBL draft is just like a mini NBA draft.  10 teams, 2 rounds.  5 minutes for a team to announce their pick.  Chris was drafted 2nd round, number 15th pick to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis.  This is the team that he played for 5 years ago when we were in S. Korea.

To say the least we could not be more excited. There were a lot of guys to pick from and I’m so proud of Chris and his constant hard work.  It is a terrific opportunity and blessing in our lives.   Saying this, however, it is still uncertain what the kids and I will do.  There are some determining factors yet to be finalized.  This is how much we know;  Chris leaves August 15th for South Korea.  They fly back as a team to Los Angeles, California August 25th for 7-8 days for part of their training camp.  They then fly to Japan for 7-8 days where they will finish training camp.  They continue on back to S. Korea from there to start the season up.  I will remain here with the kids and have a baby sometime the first to middle part of September.  Kelli Jo and Zoey will start school September 4th. I had Zoey without Chris around so I’m not worried about doing it again.  We are accustomed to doing what has to be done and that’s just what we will do.  What we will do after having the baby and some recovery time… well, it is yet to be determined.