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Kelli Jo and Zoey LOVE swimming.  Ava loves playing in the water for a few minutes and then getting out, wrapping up in a towel, getting warm, playing with some water toys, jumping back in for a minute or 2, getting out and wrapping up, etc. etc.

These last 2 weeks have been swimming lessons for all three.  Unfortunately Ava was sick the entire first week and missed out a lot.  Her first couple of days this week she struggled a bit.  I had to keep telling her to stay in or get back in the water.  She wasn’t so sure she wanted to be in there.

However 2 things got her loving it…. A little game called Motor Boat

As well as jumping in from the side and off of the diving board.

After a few days she was loving it and I didn’t have to monitor her at all.

Kelli Jo and Zoey love swim lessons.  Kelli Jo has been a fish for a while and Zoey has really just turned into one.  Zoey has no fear and goes at everything full force, so while the other kids in her class are kneeling at the side to practice dives.. Zoey runs up and jumps right up and dives in, splaying her legs all about.  Kelli Jo is not afraid either, but likes to try to have a bit better form and do it “right”.  I think they will be sad when tomorrow’s lesson is all over.